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Whether you need 100% Class Zero oil-free air, dry air, up to 35 bar, pump water over 300-meter altitude, power generation up to 1450kVa... Throw your challenge to us and we make it happen. Rand-Air Rental has extensive experience on projects that are unique and require specialized solutions.

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Rand-Air Specialty Rental for the Total Solution for Special Projects

Not your everyday applications require specialty rental, let Rand-Air assist with planning your next special project. We can call on our 48 year history in the South African market as well as have access to the worldwide Atlas Copco knowledge base for your next project.
We at Rand-Air Specialty Rental are proud to be associated with the Atlas Copco Group. We team up with our customers to set up state-of-the-art temporary air, flow, steam, and nitrogen solutions. Our passionate experts have extensive application and equipment knowledge. We understand our customers' needs and can provide a total solution for any industry, no matter if it is for emergencies or planned special projects. 

Rand-Air supports to local Events Industry


When you require a reliable power supply for an outdoor or indoor event, call Rand Air Speciality Rental. We can assist with single power generators, or generators in synchronized formation to ensure a successful event. Need to provide lighting for outdoor events, we can assist in lighting parking areas. Ask Anneke Putter from High Voltage, who recommends Rand-Air for "the impeccable service they provided, while continually striving to exceed all our (their) expectations. There is simply no better Genset supplier than this company(Rand-Air)."

Rand-Air brings power to movie production in the bush


Rand-Air has assisted in bringing power to an Australian production in the Swadini area since 2017, successfully providing power in a very rural setting. Our reliable generators and great technical teams have ensured that the production team kept coming back to Rand-Air for the past 4 years. Need assistance in bringing power to your production, contact Rand-Air.

Rand-Air ensures safety at Nuclear Plant


Rand-Air has been there for many firsts in South Africa. Each project brings its own unique learning curve, and that is what makes Rand-Air your ideal partner for special projects. We believe in training and upskilling our staff, each new project is viewed as learning and shared with all Sales and Technical teams.

When you require integrity testing of a nuclear reactor dome, you can contact Rand-Air. We have successfully assisted in multiple dome testings at the national power provider's sites. We supplied 5 x PTS1600 with driers for a complete package. Speak to our team of experts for more information.

Rand-Air assists with research in Antarctica


Rand-Air Specialty rental has even traveled to Antarctica when we supplied a XAS186 Diesel driven compressor for research in Antarctica. The unit was provided from our Cape Town depot and shipped along with the scientific team to Antarctica. Our compressor performed brilliantly, even in this harsh environment. Not many service providers can say they have gone to the ends of the earth for their customers.

Rand-Air ensures nitrogen supply at sea


Need Nitrogen at sea, contact Rand-Air to assist with a complete Nitrogen package. Enermech had recently established an office in Cape Town. They had started scoping for an offshore project and had contacted Atlas Copco Specialty Rental in the UK for assistance. Rand-Air was able to supply the project with a local fleet including a twinair based Cape Town and had DNV frames built for the 2 x XRVS476 and a 200kva. We only had to bring in the NGM2000 ex UK and Atlas Copco supplied the technicians on board to give technical support. The application was for pipeline testing – 19000scfm @ 95% purity and at 22bar pressure.

Rand-Air helps build dams in Southern Africa


Rand-Air was an integral rental service provider in the building of the Berg river Dam project, this project was designed to ensure water security in the Western Cape. Rand-Air was a major contributor at the Braamhoek and Bedford Dam projects(Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme) The scheme construction encompassed two dams – the upper and lower reservoirs; a powerhouse, two tunnels that carry water from the reservoirs to the powerhouse, access roads, and transmission lines.

Rand-Air lights the way in the Northern Cape


When a new mine was developed in the Northern Cape, there was no infrastructure to call on. Rand-Air lighted the way by providing 160+ QLB5+ high lights to ensure visibility and safety on site. This 5-year project ensured that the mine operations could safely continue after hours. This project extended to diesel-driven compressors and generators. Due to the scope and length of the project, Rand-Air established an onsite service department to ensure the lights stayed on.

Rand-Air builds a modular compressor room


When Rand-Air was approached by a manufacturing concern for a possible long-term rental of a GA132 FF Electrical compressor, our customer's site conditions posed a serious dilemma. The company manufactures silicon carbide (SiC), which is very abrasive and very fine, which would normally play havoc with the compressor inlet air and continued operation of the compressor. Our Technical Department went about solving the customer dilemma, by creating a protective containerized modular compressor house, we could ensure the optimal operation of the GA132 compressor in spite of the hazardous site conditions. This project was definitely a first for South Africa.

Rand-Air's underground compressors


Rand-Air is a pioneer in the supply of mine-modified compressors. Our mining customer requested air compressors that could be safely operated in underground mine shafts, we went about modifying our standard GA fleet, and to date have converted GA75, GA110, GA132, and GA160's for various mines in Southern Africa. These conversions apply to the physical compressor housing, flow, voltage, and configuration. We completed the first air compressor conversion to a 1000V input power supply in Southern Africa. Another innovative design included fitting a underground compressor to a mining cart ("karretjie").

Rand-Air assists in mining exploration


A long-standing rental customer approached Rand-Air for a special project in the Northern Cape. They were awarded a mining exploration tender and would require 25-Bar Diesel High-Pressure Compressors for the project. Due to the safety requirements for the projects extra features had to be included in the units, including a remote start option as well as an internal fire suppression system. Our Technical team sprang into action, and we were able to assist with 18 converted XRVS Air compressors. Contact Rand-Air for your next special project .

Rand-Air an integral part of the refurbishment of ships and barges


Rand-Air has been an integral part of the refurbishment of ships and barges in the Cape Town Dry Docks. Our XA and PTS Range of compressors offer reliable air supply to these time-sensitive projects and ensure on-time completion. The added fuel efficiency of our units ensures your project comes in on budget. Next time you require a reliable supplier of portable air compressors, lighting plant or generators contact Rand-Air

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