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Rand-Air – your home for the Total Solution Concept

Rand-Air fields a fleet of over 700 compressors, generators, and pumps with over 80 people employed to staff an infrastructure of branches & agencies spread throughout Southern Africa. Rand Air’s fleet is renewed annually, ensuring that it remains the most technologically advanced in the country. In January 1999 Rand-Air became part of the Atlas Copco group, with a global network within the Specialty Rental Division. 


Supporting Increased (Temporary) Production Capacity

Whether you need 100% Class Zero oil-free air, dry air, up to 35bar, onsite nitrogen generation, pump water over 300-meter altitude, power generation up to 1000kVa.... Throw your challenge to us and we make it happen. Rand-Air Rental has extensive experience on projects that are unique and require specialized solutions.

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Why choose us for your next project?

1) World Class, State of the Art Equipment

The Rand-Air fleet is the most technologically advanced rental fleet in Southern Africa supplied by the Atlas Copco Group.

2) Diverse Fleet to Suit Many Applications

Oil Lubricated or oil-free, nitrogen, power, flow (pumps) or steam rental fleet or their accessories. Whatever your business requires, it might be time to consider our Total Solutions.

3) Contingency Planning

When it comes to managing your business’s air, power, and flow needs, it pays to be prepared. Not sure what you’d do if the worst were to happen? It might be time to consider our Rental’s Total Solutions to come to the rescue!

4) 24/7 Sales, Service and Maintenance

Want the peace of mind that comes with constant support? The unexpected happens, but it should not take down your operations. With Rand-Air Total Solution, you’ll have access to 24/7 Sales, Service, and Maintenance.

Our core rental services include the following:

Oil-Free Diesel and Electric Driven Air Compressors
  • Guaranteed Oil-Free Diesel & Electric Driven Compressor hire, 
  • Capacities from 140 cfm to 1600 cfm, at pressures ranging up to 24 bar. 
  • Oil-free accessories including dryers, manifolds, and hoses.
  • Link to our Oil-Free Range of Compressors
Oil-Injected Diesel Driven Air Compressors
  • Oil-Injected Diesel driven compressors from 260cfm to 1200cfm, pressure ranges of up to 10bar.
  • Highly portable and makes for easy plug-and-play configurations. 
  • Accessories, including dryers, filters, manifolds, and hoses.
  • Link to our Oil-Injected Range of Compressors
Oil-Injected and Oil-Free High-Pressure Compressors
  • Our High-Pressure Diesel Driven compressors for those applications that require more pressure, 
  • Oil-Injected Diesel driven compressors ranging from 750cfm to 1260cfm, up to 35 pressure ranges. 
  • Available in Oil-Free Diesel Driven compressors, with pressure range from 16 bar to 24bar. 
  • Accessories including aftercoolers and hoses specified for usage at such high pressures.
  • Link to our High Pressure Compressors
Oil-Injected Electric Driven Air Compressors
  • Electrical compressors ranging from 140cfm to 2200cfm, at a pressure range of 7,5 bar 
  •  Including standard models, full feature, and variable speed drive models
  • From 400 Volt power supply up to 1000 Volt power supply options are available from the fleet. 
  • Accessories include dryers, filters, receiver tanks, manifolds, hoses, cables, and transformers.
  • Link to Oil-Injected Electrical Compressor Range 
  • Generator power ratings from 20 kVA to 500 kVA, all trailer mounted for ease of movement on site 
  • Excepting the Twinpower (1100kVa) which is containerized. 
  • Generator accessories include distribution boards, cables, change-over contactor switches, and step-up/step-down transformers. 
  • Dedicated lighting towers for safety and security at night. 
  • Link to our Generator Range
New Products
  • Recently added to the Rand-Air fleet the Atlas Copco PAS range of high and medium flow pumps. 
  • Accessories included for both inflow and outflow hoses.
  •  As part of the Specialty Rental Division within the Atlas Copco group, we a part of a global network, and can source specialized units such as Nitrogen Generators and Steam Boilers.
  • See link to our products 
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