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Rand-Air Dry Prime PAS Range of Water Pumps

Our highly versatile, compact PAS range of water pumps is ideal for dewatering, sewage bypass, or ballasting. These diesel driven pumps are trailer mounted, so can go anywhere on your site.

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Can be used in the mining and construction industries, utilities, during emergency floods, oil and gas, and in the transport sector.

The PAS MF/HF range of dry prime pumps is engineered to offer high performance in any condition. Comprising of an air separator unit and a vacuum pump, it delivers rapid automatic priming. Even with suction heights of several meters, the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump.

The PAS range of fully automatic self-priming centrifugal pumps are considered the ideal solution for transporting or raising water with abrasive solids in the ideal solution for transporting or raising water with abrasive solids in suspension.

They are used across multiple industries including construction and mine site dewatering, floodwater, stream diversions, sewage bypass, and municipal applications.

They can work with water that is clean or dirty as well as handle trash and fibrous materials. Thanks to features such as semi-open impellers and abrasion-resistant material.

Key Features

  • Max Flow up to 2100m3/h
  • Max head up to 75m
  • Stackability (Canopy Units) > one by one
  • Compact Size with maximum flow
  • Up to 100mm Solids handling
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Hinge Door allows for a 3 min clean-up and restart

Serviceability in the Field in any Conditions

  • Patented Hinged door access guarantees easy clean-up with minimal downtime.
  • All wear components are easily accessible with minimal downtime.
  • Easy replacement of the wear components (Impeller and wear plates).
  • Trimming plate to guarantee the hydraulic performance as an emergency reserve before scheduled maintenance.
  • Easy Maintenance, 3-minute clean-up


Rand-Air Specialty Rental currently stocks the PAS Range, contact us to help you determine the correct size for your application.

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