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Industrial Rental Solutions for every application in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Rand-Air's range of air compressors, power generators, accessories, and other targeted products for the oil and gas industry provides peace of mind in even the harshest conditions. Our reliable equipment maximizes uptime, resulting in increased productivity and safety levels.

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Our fleet of industrial rental compressors, generators and complementary equipment covers every application whether you are looking for solutions in the upstream, midstream or downstream sector.

With roots in early drilling technology and decades of experience and R&D, we can guarantee you reliable, safe and cost-effective equipment and services dedicated to Oil & Gas applications.

Safety and reliability built-in

We have extensive experience with all relevant international standards.

Our equipment is designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with ISO-1217 regulations; our machinery is built with API specifications in mind.

Moreover, our 100% oil-free compressors prevent traces of oil causing a flammable situation. By applying oil-free air, you increase uptime, avoid contamination and faulty readings and assure trouble-free equipment operation.

Rand-Air has extensive knowledge of Pipeline applications

While the pipeline construction and service industry mainly contacts us for oil-free compressors for pipe cleaning and dewatering through pipeline pigging, we provide industrial rental materials for all pipeline services.

For the Oil & Gas Midstream segment at Rand-Air Rental, we have solutions to support all kinds of pipeline-related projects.  Our rental solutions include air compressors, dryers, generators, matching accessories like manifolds and hoses, and as well as dewatering pumps.

  • Inspection
  • Leak testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Sandblasting
  • Purging & Packing
  • Displacement
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electricity supply: diesel driven generators to keep your operations running

Complementary pipeline services and equipment

While our engineers design the matching set-up for your specific project, we complement our compressors and generators with these accessories to provide you with a total solution:

  • Dryers and dryer-compressor combinations: compact build, dewpoints of -40°C to -70°C, low energy consumption (you save money), very low pressure drops to improve energy efficiency
  • Manifolds, Hoses, Bowsers and diesel tanks, etc.

Your trusted partner in the Downstream Segment

Rand-Air Rental - A trusted partner in the downstream segment

At Rand-Air Rental, we have expanded our capabilities significantly over the years and we have solutions for downstream plants in different stages: new plants, plants in operation & shutdowns or turnarounds.

Whether for planned or emergency situations, for short or for long-term, we will keep your operations running.

  • Catalytic cracking
  • Catalyst regeneration: 24 bar 100% oil-free compressors for greater pressure and oxygen supply
  • Drying and dehydration equipment: 100% oil-free air compressors with air-drying equipment for every low dewpoint
  • Flaring
  • Sandblasting
  • Desulphurization
  • Plant air
  • Pipeline services
  • Air separation: compressed air for air, nitrogen and oxygen component separation
  • Purging & Packing
  • Pressure testing
  • Pneumatic conveying: compressed air for pneumatic transport of materials such as PVC, PTA and DMT chips
  • Instrument air: clean, dry 100% oil-free air to operate safe and control valves
  • Electricity supply: diesel driven generators to keep your operations running

ISO-certified clean air for high quality and safety

Rand-Air oil-free compressors are developed for applications demanding the highest levels of purity.

It means greater product purity, more efficient process, less waste, and increased safety:

  • Air separation: lower costs, purer gases. Avoid membrane and gas contamination by oil deposits. 
  • Fermentation: healthy bacteria, no product contamination. Small oil traces will kill bacteria and contaminate the end product. 
  • Control systems: smoother functioning, pure end products. Oil deposits will cause malfunctioning and jamming of control valves and actuators. 
  • Work environment: clear vent air is healthier for your employees. 
  • Aeration: higher quality processes and products. Oil traces will hamper the aeration process and may result in a different end product. 
  • Hazardous processes: increased safety and security. Avoid explosions when e.g. generating oxygen. 
  • PET production: enhanced product quality, safer processes. Prevent resin contamination, protect your end product when the beads are sintered. 
  • Pneumatic transport: prevent defects and pipe clogging, increase safety.

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