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Rand-Air Offers Hybrid and Energy Storage Rental Solutions

Delivering environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions. Battery modules store energy to optimize fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and guarantee zero noise operation.

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Rand-Air 250-500 Zenergize

Zenergize 250-500

Hybrid and Energy Storage System

Regardless of your industry, energy is vital to your site. But it’s also becoming increasingly vital for everyone to do their share to reduce pollution. Storing energy when it’s available from renewable sources is an easy way to reduce site pollution. Can you rely on renewable energy to power your site 24/7?

Rand-Air’s hybrid & energy storage system is the solution. It connects Power Modules to other energy sources, such as energy storage stations with batteries.

How does a hybrid & energy storage system work?

Whenever possible, the hybrid and energy storage system generate power. The power module is then used whenever the original energy source isn’t available. Battery energy storage is also important as energy stored in battery modules can be used when it is needed, further reducing fuel consumption.

Hybrid Power Plants

Do you need temporary hybrid and/or energy storage?

Hybrid energy storage solutions are often a requirement for many sustainable power projects in remote locations where grid power is not available.

It offers an environmentally friendly alternative to only using a diesel generator, resulting in a significantly lower amount of CO2 emissions.

Investing in temporary hybrid and/or energy storage systems

While the initial investment costs in the renewable energy source can be high, the overall cost per kWh is much lower, leading to a positive payback in the long term.

Initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs can be reduced by opting to rent the power modules. Rental is also an option to bridge seasonal peaks or assist during emergencies.

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