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Industrial Rental Solutions for Power Plants.

Rand-Air's range of air compressors, power generators, accessories, and other targeted products for the power plant industry provides peace of mind in even the harshest conditions. Our reliable equipment maximizes uptime, resulting in increased productivity and safety levels.

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Discover the benefits of rental for your power plant. Whatever your next project is, Rand-Air Rental has the temporary solution to best match your application.

Our extensive fleet of industrial rental compressors and generators covers a wide range of applications in coal-fired, natural gas-fired, nuclear, or cogeneration plants.

24/7 flexible rental service guarantees a quick and cost-effective response to planned and emergency outages, for short and long periods of time.

  • Nuclear dome testing
  • Induction loop testing portable generators of more than 500kVA
  • Instrument air 100% oil-free compressed air to operate valves and other components
  • Leak testing clean, 100% oil-free air for integrated leak rate testing
  • Overspeed testing
  • Cleaning air
  • Flue gas desulphurization
  • Sandblasting
  • Pipeline services
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electricity supply: diesel driven generators to keep your operations running

Fast, reliable, cost-effective, complete power plant service

Whether for planned or emergency outages, Rand-Air Rental is your fast, dependable resource for portable rental equipment to keep you up and running. Our diversity and range of equipment allow us to create an individualized solution to your specific needs by providing single or multiple air compressors supplemented by all necessary accessories.

Rand-Air's first mega power project


Rand-Air's first mega power project involved testing the integrity of the nuclear dome of the nuclear power plant in the Western Cape. Calling on the expertise of Atlas Copco Specialty Rental, we utilized our PTS Range of oil-free air compressors and dryers. This project was a resounding success and would be repeated in later years. Projects like these contribute to our growing knowledge base, and we bring this expertise to every project we join: Rand-Air offering the Total Solution

Rand-Air partners with local power providers

Rand-Air was an instrumental supplier of the rental fleet in the completion of various new power projects, our range of air compressors and generators providing utilities required in the construction phase, as well as the testing and commissioning phases. Our class zero range of air compressors have become the stalwart of all power projects in Southern Africa, not only for coal-fired power stations but also renewable energy sites. We can proudly say we helped to build many of the new power stations, and thus once again living up to "making agility count".

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