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Rand-Air Underground Mine Modified Electric Air Compressors

Every industry and process is different, thus Rand-Air made the decision to modify standard electric air compressors for underground use in the mining sector.

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Various models are fitted with an oil-injected, rotary screw-type air compressor, powered by the IE3/NEMA Premium efficiency electrical motor; which is designed for continuous operation in harsh environments. The underground-modified compressors are available in various sizes depending on your space and voltage supply, ranging from 75Kw to 160Kw in 525V to 1000V options.

Setting a new standard in the industry

Our underground-modified air compressors bring you outstanding sustainability, reliability, and performance while minimizing the total cost of ownership. Built to perform even in the harshest environments, these compressors keep your operations running efficiently.

Keeping your production up and running

Our underground compressors ensure a long and trouble-free lifetime at the lowest operating cost. At their heart are state-of-the-art compression elements based on innovative asymmetric rotor profiles and powered by a high-efficiency electric motor. Combined with a built-to-last drive system and heavy-duty air inlet filters, this results in maximum reliability to operate in the toughest conditions and at ambient temperatures up to 55°C/131°

Reducing your production costs

The innovative design of our underground-modified compressors reduces your energy bill and overall compressor lifecycle costs. Underground compressors are pre-assembled packages: installation is fault-free, commissioning time is low and no external instrumentation air is required.

Maximizing your savings

We have developed a range of compressors and options to help you optimize the use of your compressor in your mining operations : from running the machine at high temperatures, to extra safety devices, and compliance to mining safety regulations.

Power Supply Conversions

Our underground modified compressors are available in 500v - 525v power supply conversions. We can also offer units in 1000v power supply. No need for transformers on-site, ensuring a smaller, efficient footprint.

Current Model Range Available

  • GA75 Converted to underground specifications in a cage
  • GA110 Converted to underground specifications in a cage
  • GA132 Converted to underground specifications in a cage
  • GA160 Converted to underground specifications in a cage
  • GA250 Converted to underground specifications in a cage

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