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A dedicated solution for drilling

Drill faster and drive down fuel costs. Looking for a high-pressure compressor for ground engineering, drill & blast, water well, or geothermal drilling applications? Atlas Copco’s high-pressure compressor range offers up to 1400 cfm and up to 508 psi. A wide flow and pressure range, with best-in-class fuel efficiency. Thanks to the intuitive controller, you are in full control of the pressure and flow; even from a distance.

At Atlas Copco, we know the drill when it comes to compressed air, whatever the flow or pressure. Our high-pressure compressor offers the perfect harmony between pressure and flow and puts you in full control of these parameters while saving fuel.

When it comes to efficient drilling, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. Depending on the depth of the hole and the size of the hammer, the right compressor makes all the difference. Choose the right product for your core business and get the flexibility to adapt to changes in drilling depth and hammer size.

Lower Cost Per Meter

Drilling with 30-35 bar pressure allows you to drill more meters in an hour with a lower overall cost per meter.

Built Tough

Above all though, Atlas Copco compressors are built for reliability and simple easy maintenance, and many years of loyal and trouble-free service.

High fuel autonomy

The high-capacity fuel tank allows to work in remote areas without the need to often refuel.


Our high-pressure compressors are suitable for sustainable projects, thanks to compliance with Stage IV emission standards.

Highly versatile

Ideal for use in all weather conditions and in temperatures between -25°C/-13°F and +50°C/+122°F. Special versions for working at higher altitudes are also available.

Dynamic Flow Boost Technology

Dynamic Flow Boost technology increases the flow of the compressor when flushing and during drill stem refill. It means faster flushing and faster drill stem refill and ultimately a quicker finish time to save up to 30 minutes a day.

Safety is Paramount

It’s safe for the operator and those around the machines when they are in use (reduced noise levels, air release valves, emergency stops); safety is vital while they are in transit (towing, loading and lifting); and safety is a priority when it comes to the environment (best fuel consumption, long-lasting parts).

Wide Pressure Operating Range

The pressure can be set as anywhere between 15 and 35 bar thanks to the Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology which makes it possible to drill both faster and deeper. The compact and efficient range reduces the time and associated costs of geothermal drilling, representing a new benchmark in portable drilling efficiency.

Fuel Efficient

Atlas Copco compressors deliver high levels of pressure in the most efficient way – with the right capacity, at the right speed, and the best fuel economy. They are by far, the most cost-effective air compressors on the market. Fuel consumption is optimized with the exclusive FuelXpert™ system. Our high-pressure compressor range consumes less than 2.2 liters of fuel per meter drilled (dependent on various operational parameters).

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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Rand-Air Horizontal Drilling

HDD is a trenchless technology that use surface-launched equipment to drill underground horizontally and install pipes, conduits, and cables. This process can be air-driven and are used in numerous industries, such as utilities and telecommunications, at sites in dense, urban areas and/or where traditional vertical excavations are too dangerous (e.g., under bodies of water). 

Our Hi-Pressure Range of Compressors can power large-diameter and/or long-run HDD processes with high throughput. The power of these units maximizes the efficiency of drilling operations, lowering project overhead and decreasing downtime. 

  • Can be employed to install underground utilities
  • Allows operators to drill horizontally controlling the direction of drill
  • The compressor powers the hammer at the end of the drill and uses air to clear dirt and debris

Blast Hole Drilling

Rand-Air Blast Hole Drilling

Our High-Pressure range provides one of the highest air volumes at one of the highest air pressures available in the portable compressor industry. This also makes these new compressors one of the most energy-efficient by having a very low specific fuel consumption for the air delivered.

Dynamic Flow Boost ® increases flow from 34.8 to 39m³/min (650l/s) when flushing and during drill stem refill. It means faster flushing, faster stem refill, and a shorter time to finish a well.

A high penetration rate with 35 bar pressure and 34.8m³/min (580l/s) flow means more meters drilled every day.

Mining and Quarrying Applications

Rand-Air Mining Drilling Applications

The units were tested both in lab and field conditions to ensure optimal performance. It’s designed to withstand the toughest working conditions. The updated canopy is our toughest, most aesthetically pleasing canopy to date. The unit's body is corrosion-free and needs no painting or dent repair.

Whether in quarries or underground applications, we have a wide range of compressors with high flow, and pressure-ranges. Specially for underground applications: minimize ventilation costs by selecting one of our electric-driven mobile compressors; modified for our mining sector.

  • Blast hole drilling
  • Quarrying
  • Rock excavation
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