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Our range of power generators comes with a large selection of accessories available for rental.

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Rand Air Power Accessories

Power Accessories - we deliver the complete power package

Rand-Air offers the total rental solution to ensure your project success, including connecting accessories that might be required; including cables, joiner boxes, transformers, distribution boards, and change-over switches.  All power accessories are regularly tested and certified.


  • Standard generator cables are 20m long and fitted with lugs including an earthing cable as standard.
  • Cables sizes include 5mm, 25mm, 50mm, and the set of 4 x 33mm cables

Joiner Boxes

  • Power cables can be joined using joiner boxes for longer lengths of cables and still ensure safety on site.

Distribution Board

Our Distribution boards provide easy plug-and-play options for our standard  South African 220V(16amp) and 380V (63Amp) plug configurations.  DB boards are fitted with circuit breakers to ensure complete ease of mind.

  • 100 kVa DB Board including > 8 x 220V Outlet (16 Amp) and 3 x 380V Outlets (63 Amp C-form)
  • 300 kVa DB Board including > 10 x 220V Outlet (16 Amp) and 6 x 380V Outlets (63 Amp C-form)
  • 500 kVa DB Board including > 20 x 220V Outlet (16 Amp) and 8 x 380V Outlets (63 Amp C-form)


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  • Rand-Air also offers a range of step-up and step-down transformers converting from 400V to 525V and vice versa.
  • Rental transformers are regularly inspected and certified.
  • Transformers are fitted with safety hooks for ease of loading.

The transformer range comes in the following sizes: 220kVa, 300kVa, 450kVa, 500kVa & 1100kVa

Change-Over Contactor

  • Change over Contactors (COC) are available for rental for our generator fleet fitted with QC4003 controllers.
  • COC's will ensure a smooth switch between Eskom power supply and generator power supply, with minimal interruption to your processes

Diesel Tank/Bowser

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1000 L Portable Diesel Bowser

1000 Litre Diesel Bowser

  • Rand-Air offers 1000 litre diesel bowsers for rental.
  • Fitted with 220v Pump & Meter
  • Diesel Bowsers are trailer mounted and road-worthy
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Stationary Diesel Tank

Stationary Diesel Tank

  • 4000-6000 Litre Stationary Diesel Tank
  • Heavy Duty Design Manufactured for Site Conditions
  • Crane Lifting Lugs and Tie Down Points 
  • Fitted with 220v Pump & meter

We can help you choose the right power generators and power accessories for your business.


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