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The QAS range is feature-packed and comes with the ruggedness and reliability you demand from a generator. However, there are features that really set the QAS apart – we sum it up under the power of connectivity.

Firstly, QAS generators are built for multi-drop use and designed to be moved regularly. Whether that be a few meters or hundreds of miles, you can be assured of their easy, safe movement capabilities and guaranteed performance, even in the harshest conditions. This makes the QAS perfect for rental applications and heavy-duty construction use.

These generators are also unrivaled when it comes to flexibility, thanks to their simple paralleling capability. We understand that your need for power can be ever-changing. The modular design focuses on being able to connect multiple generators in the simplest way – making an installation that optimizes efficiency. The built-in Power Management System (PMS) enables the optimization of fuel consumption and expands the generators’ lifetime.

The QAS range provides complete power solutions, making this series the preferred choice for a wide range of applications throughout the world. 

4 Important things to consider when choosing the right power generator for your application:

Power Generators? We can help you choose the right power generators for your business.


Easy Access and Service

  • Large doors ensure easy access to service and access to all components
  • The CAM Lock Connection Switch has been designed to ensure a safe way of transferring power.
  • The Multi voltage switch helps to guarantee less than 6 seconds for stable power
  • Ergonomic and easy access to terminal board
  • All QAS generators feature an external emergency stop button as standard-no need to open any doors to access!

All under control

  • Clear window indoor for a glance for viewing of controller and system
  • User-friendly and easy paralleling thanks to the Qc4003 controller that allows an easy connection, configuration, and performance!
  • Unique TDU touch screen (larger QAS units)
  • We believe a controller should be intuitive and simple, but still, put you in complete control.
  • Our controller features the latest technology featuring advanced warning and alert parameters.

Multi Voltage Switch

  • You can modify the voltage output you need in a few second

Power Management System

  • Increase the efficiency of a power plant by starting/stopping the generators automatically based on load demand
  •  Reducing fuel consumption
  • Utilization of machines.
  • increasing engine lifetime.
  • Multiple units can be connected to provide an additional power supply.

Integrated Door Sealing System

  • Every QAS has a unique foam and seals layering system inside the doors.
  • This ensures water-tightness and improved sound attenuation.

Environment Friendly

  • Spillage-free frame is standard across the range.

Safe and Easy Movement

  • QAS generators pack an impressive amount of power into a compact yet heavy-duty, weather proof, and sound attenuated enclosure.
  • Available in trailer mounted configuration, it is adaptable to whatever your job site demands.
  • Models QES20, QAS30, QAS60, QAS80 and QAS100 are roadworthy and can be towed with a commercial vehicle.

Dirt and Dust no problem

  • All QAS generators have dual-stage filtration with a safety cartridge and dual-stage air cleaning.
  • This centrifugal dust separation system and heavy duty filtration system prolongs the life of your generator

Industry Leading Compact Design

  • With our integrated trailers, it is not just about ease of movement – we also reduce the footprint by up to 20%.

Easy-Fill System

  • The QAS generator has an external simple-fill mechanism for fuel.
  • This one-click mechanism makes refueling a breeze.

Integrated Control and Power Cubicle

  • QC Digital Controller
  • 4 Pole Breaker with B-curve
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Dedicated socket compartment
  • Emergency stop

Superior Accessibility

  • One-Side serviceability (side control panel) through big access doors and panels
  • Access to the alternator (AVR and Diode Bridge)
  • Full access to the engine
  • Direct radiator cleaning access
  • External drain points access

Installation Efficiency

  • Plug and play cable connection
  • Pass through cable path, natural bend and strain relief
  • Plexiglass cover for terminal board protection

Transport Efficiency

  • Integrated lifting structure with single elevation point
  • Sturdy multi-drop base frame with integrated forklift pockets
  • 110% self-containment
  • Transport bumpers
  • Undercarriage adjustable tow bar with brakes and tow eyes
  • Trailer mounted for ease of movement on site


  • High cooling performance radiator with parcool for 100% prime power operation
  • Sound attenuated and rugged galvanized steel enclosure

Service Efficiency

  • Decreased service downtime due to heavy-duty fuel filtration system with water seperator
  • Extend engine life time because of Dual Stage Air Filtration with safety cartridge
  • Oil Drain pump
  • Lockable external fuel filling point

Total Solution

When you need power, maybe a single generator is not always the most efficient solution. Does the application load vary? Do you need prime power for long-term projects on a remote site? Do you need a semi-permanent installation that can be upgraded or downgraded?

A Modular Power Plant (or paralleling multiple generators) is the efficient solution if you answered yes to any of the above questions. Simply, this is a configuration of generators working together.

Atlas Copco has developed a unique Power Management System (PMS). The PMS system enables the optimization of fuel consumption and expands the generator’s lifetime. PMS manages the number of generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load. In this way, the load on each generator remains at a level that optimizes fuel consumption. It also eliminates the need for generators to run with low load levels, which can cause engine damage and shorten the life expectancy of the equipment.

Just one example:

The deployment of a 1MVA generator as a prime power source, taking the demand patterns of a typical industrial application as a guide, could mean up to 1677 liters of fuel being consumed each day. That compares with approximately 1558 liters of fuel if three 325 kVA generators were doing the same job. In this case, an estimated annual fuel saving of R520 000 makes for a compelling case, not to mention 85 tons of CO2 saved over the course of a year.

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