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The Oil-Free Dry Air Unit (DAU) includes an Aftercooler and desiccant dryer.  The DAU cools the inlet air and reduces moisture content by 70%.  Rapid cooling is used to reduce the inlet air temperature, moisture forms and is extracted using desiccant containers. The DAUs can reach pressure dew points of - 40’ C. DAUs match our oil-free compressors for pressure and flow ranges.

The DAUs are compact in size and come standard fitted with forklift slots. The heavy-duty design ensures units are suitable for all site conditions. The DAUs include an Integrated WSD water separator and integrated Aftercooler; as well as integrated DD and PD filters to remove water and particles. Units are fitted with an inverter 24V to 220V. All units can easily be accessed at service points, to ensure minimal downtime. All units are supplied with a SANS Government Approved Safety Relieve Valve and Vessel Certificate.

Our range can be used with oil-free air compressors ranging from 800cfm to a 1600cfm, pressure ranges from 4 bar to 24 bar

Our Rental compressors offer you the Atlas Copco premium quality and reliability. We offer easy installation and maintenance, with day-to-day rentals as well as long-term rentals.

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