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Our free generator selector helps you to find the power generator that best fits your needs. When you need power, you can always bring in additional power. But how to know which power generator is best for your requirements?

The selection of a generator is influenced by several parameters

These are the most important parameters determining the best generator for your situation:

  • Starting and running: the required starting watts
  • Your required running wattage
  • Your load profile
  • Voltage and frequency
  • Ambient conditions like temperature and height above sea level

The impact of your load profile on generator sizing

A power generator runs optimally at full load. Once you lower the load level (eg when your power demand fluctuates); a power module becomes rather inefficient. Consider a power setup with multiple generators running in parallel to optimize the overall efficiency. Quite often, 2 smaller generators working in parallel are more efficient than one oversized generator.

Based on our experience of powering all kinds of sites, we have developed this easy generator selector guide.

  • Just 4 basic parameters guide you to a first power generator selection.
  • For more advanced guidance, change your user profile to expert to access a more powerful generator selector. 
  • You can even email the results upon completion!

The impact of load profiles on generator selection

  • When your power demand is stable (COP - Constant power load), you better select a generator that is optimized for your highest kilovolt-ampere (kVa) load. This is usually your starting wattage.
  • The more your load fluctuates (PRP - variable power load), the more you can benefit from a proper generator selection. Contact your local rental specialists to guide you to the most optimal solution for your power requirements.

What is the risk of selecting the wrong generator?

Choosing the right size generator can boost your project with higher efficiency and lower cost. When you don't select the right power generator, you could severely harm your operation.

Here are some of the highest risks:

  • Power outage: an oversized generator causes a peak of electrical current. Your circuit breaker interrupts to protect your application.
  • Insufficient power supply: not generating the power you need, hurting your operations. 
  • Fuel efficiency: an inefficient setup will cause unnecessary fuel consumption, harming your ROI. 
  • Every refueling or service interaction equals an interaction onsite. Avoid unnecessary visits to minimize safety risks.

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