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Service and support with every fibre of their being Rand-Air’s recent long term rental to the fibreglass industry

October 23, 2020


Rand-Air is the recognised local rentals market leader, with a track record of 47 years in the industry. As part of the global Atlas Copco Group, Rand-Air offers a comprehensive range of TUV-certified oil-free, diesel or electric air solutions, lighting towers and a range of power (generators) and flow (pump) solutions. Rand-Air upholds an excellent reputation, based on its principle of exceeding customers’ expectations.

One such recent example of the company’s customer service ethos is that of a recent long-term hire to a customer in the fibreglass sector. Benita Oosthuizen, the sales consultant at Rand-Air, explains that business relationships are built on trust and when it comes to rentals, Rand-Air shows its true colours in maintaining these relationships, for the long-term.

“Rand-Air recently secured a 12-month hire for a GA37FF electric compressor with a well-established fibreglass products manufacturer, with whom we have enjoyed a close relationship since 2014,” she says.

“This customer produces a range of customised products – from swimming pools to pump canopies, boats, light fittings and more – for the local and export markets of Australia, England and France. As such, they frequently need to hire a compressor, dependent on the volume of work coming through their production line.”

The oil-injected rotary screw compressors are supplied by Rand-Air’s parent company Atlas Copco, and are recognised for their outstanding performance and flexible operation.

“These industrial-strength 37kW, 400 kVA compressors weigh in at 817kg and are CE-certified,”  Oosthuizen explains, adding that they are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 1217, ensuring a long and trouble-free life at the lowest operating cost.”

There are several reasons why this recent hire is remarkable, including the quick turnaround time in which Rand-Air supplied the GA37FF compressor: namely, within 48 hours of placing the order.

“The customer phoned on the 8 September and wanted delivery on the 10 September. I had to ensure that the deadline was met, so I immediately started the administrative process and also confirmed that the correctly-specified compressor was available,” she adds.

Furthermore, while the paperwork was underway, Oosthuizen made sure that the compressor she had proposed to the customer was not hired out elsewhere, before the contract was signed.

“I basically ‘booked’ it, to ensure availability,” she says, adding that the customer also benefitted from an additional value-add, as the compressor Rand-Air supplied comes with the ‘full feature’ option, which includes a built-in drier, at no extra charge.

Another aspect that makes this a noteworthy hire is that it runs for an entire year, ending in August 2021. This is the longest hire that this customer has ever placed – made in a time when companies are very budget-conscious.

Oosthuizen elaborates: “Rand-Air has supplied diesel or electric compressors for short-term hires to the company, comprising a couple of weeks at a time for each rental. The customer has always hired on the back of receiving a big order, to supplement their own in-house compressors, which are used for a variety of machines on which the fibreglass production process depends – from polishing and grinding, to cutting and sawing.”

She explains that the move to long-term hire came about when she offered and explained the various contract options: namely, cash, 30 days and long-term.

“When I presented the various options, I showed the advantages of each and left the customer to make the decision based on their requirements and budget. When they saw the benefits of changing from cash to a long-term rental agreement, it made the choice easy!” she adds and underscores that knowing a fixed amount is paid each month makes budgeting that much more manageable.

In addition, Rand-Air’s hire long-term rental option takes the ‘pain’ out of maintenance and breakdowns, as the company addresses these concerns by taking on that responsibility, with technicians available 24/7 to attend to any issues that the customer may experience with the equipment, during the hire period.

Oosthuizen adds: “Rand-Air’s long-term rental model covers the cost of machinery, delivery, installation, 24/7 standby service and scheduled inspections. In addition, if required, substitute equipment is offered and maintenance, parts, labour and travelling costs are all covered.”

“The fact that this customer has switched to a long-term rental is a strong vote of confidence in Rand-Air; and is definitely an indication that we are meeting and excelling at meeting their requirements and expectations,” she observes.

“We take exceptional pride in offering value-added service of 24/7 technical support, underscored by our focused customer service. This allows the customer to get focus on what they do best, which in this case is producing world-class fibreglass products!” Oosthuizen concludes.