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In good taste: Rand-Air’s agile service ensures smooth production process for household name food and beverage customer

October 28, 2021


In the demanding, 24 x 7 food and beverage sector, where production schedules are very tight and standards meticulously high, any downtime in production can prove to be disastrous, resulting in lost time and having a financial impact too.

So when a household name in the local food and beverage sector recently took some of their Atlas-Copco oil-fee compressors offline for maintenance at their Johannesburg plant, Rand-Air – an established leader in the field of portable air, power, flow and lighting solutions, and part of the global Atlas Copco Specialty Rental division – acted swiftly to ensure uninterrupted, seamless production could continue unabated.

The customer, which Rand-Air has supplied with rental equipment since 2016, hired two Atlas Copco ‘Class 0’ oil-free compressors for their plant over a seven day period: namely, the PTS 800 and the ZT132.

The food and beverage manufacturer required the machines at short notice, as their own machines had been taken offline to be serviced.

“The customer has their own Atlas Copco compressors, so is familiar with and likes the brand and technology,” points out experienced Rand-Air sales representative responsible for the hire, Benita Oosthuizen. 

The PTS800 is a diesel compressor and the ZT 132 is electric. Hoses from the two compressors were placed externally, running into a manifold and then into a production feedline in the plant. The volume of air supplied was 1,500 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) with eight and a half bars of pressure, thereby ensuring that that the correct air volume and pressure were consistently supplied.

“The Class 0 oil-free compressors eliminate the risks of oil contamination and the accompanying product spoilage, brand damage and delays that represent extra costs. Preventing oil from entering the compression process is a necessity for the generation of consistent, 100 percent oil-free air,” Oosthuizen explains.

 She says that the company’s ability to provide quality service in such a quick turnaround time speaks to its agility:

“We have a large fleet of compressors and could supply two to the customer at relatively short notice.  We had already discussed and planned ahead with the customer, and due to this, could provide the required equipment speedily – in line with  our ethos of ‘making agility count’ and delivering on our promises quickly, efficiently, safely and with quality.”

Oosthuizen adds that the delivery of the Atlas-Copco compressors was a smooth process, with both compressors quickly and easily offloaded and installed – and the customer expressed their delight with the speed and quality of service provided by Rand-Air.

“The customer indicated to us that they were very happy with the hire and the service provided, as they did not have to stop production, and the entire process – from placing the order to delivery and installation – flowed very smoothly. Ultimately, the fact that we provided equipment which ensured their uninterrupted operations was crucial – as any downtime would have affected production times, efficiency and ultimately, revenue and the company’s bottom line,” Oosthuizen notes. 

All of the Atlas Copco-manufactured compressors that Rand-Air supplies are ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001-certified; and feature the latest compressed air technology. Further, their design allows for economical fuel consumption and efficiency; while their portable nature ensures easy transportation and convenient on-site installation.

Oosthuizen concludes that this hire demonstrates that the company is well-equipped to  service a wide variety of customers in many different industry sectors – and is adaptable in its approach, recognising what is important to customers in their respective sectors: such as the fast supply of equipment which meets the stringent quality standards of the food and beverage sector.

“In delivering on this order, we adhered to our standards and offered the highest levels of quality and service.  This allowed our well-known food and beverage sector customer to solve their operational challenges, and keep producing their delicious, popular product for the public – truly a hire ‘in good taste’!” she concludes.