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Oil-free air compressors and power generators for textiles production.

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For the highly sensitive production processes in the textile industry, we have developed oil free air compressors.

Rental is the flexible and cost-effective answer to planned and emergency breakdown situations to keep you up and running.

Producing ISO-certified 100% clean air our air compressors contribute to more efficient production, reduced repair & maintenance costs, and improved product quality.

For short and longer periods of time, for every application in textile manufacturing:

  • Spinning: oil-free compressed air to push through the fine nozzles
  • Weaving: clean compressed air to blow through fine nozzles to transport the weft
  • Dyeing
  • Texturizing jets of clean air to push through the nozzles
  • Winding & coning
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electricity supply

ISO-certified clean air for high quality textile production

We have developed 100% oil-free compressors for applications demanding the highest levels of purity.

Zero oil means more efficient production, reduced repair & maintenance costs, and improved product quality with less wastage:

  • Air-jet weaving: less downtime, reduced replacement costs, fewer rejections no blocked and damaged nozzles no fabric staining prevent exhaust air from depositing on the reeds, attracting dust and fibers and causing the reeds to stick together and break
  • Air-jet spinning: smoother production, less maintenance clean air prevents nozzle logging and stains on the yarn
  • Pneumatic transport: no instrument damage and pipe clogging, increased safety avoid substandard products, fire hazard and damage to controls and instrumentation components
  • Texturizing: less production stoppage, better quality yarn prevent oil blockage, causing uneven intermingling and damage to the yarn

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