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How to rent the right solution for your needs. Renting your next oil-injected air compressor from Rand-Air could not be easier. Many organizations have chosen us for temporary rental solutions!

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When looking to rent an air compressor or air treatment equipment (such as dryers and filters) it’s important to really understand your needs and any hidden cost factors. Looking at just the rental cost doesn’t give you the full picture. To give an example, one solution might be more expensive than another due to specialized equipment, but it’s quicker so work can restart sooner, which generates additional revenue for you.

Selecting the right compressed air solution to rent is more than simply looking at the pressure and flow you need. For each of your projects, our experts will investigate several points, including:

4 important things to consider when choosing the right air compressor for your application:

Diesel, electric or high pressure? We can help you choose the right compressor to your business.


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