Can Your Generator do This?

Generators come in all shapes and sizes. They can fit snuggly into homes, pack more of a punch for industrial needs, or even be silenced where they may be used in places frequented by people.

While there is a staggering range of different models and designs out there, many of them lack the functionality that their users should come to expect from them, especially where they need to be potable, or are used under special circumstances. Still, depending on your needs, sourcing the right generator can make all the difference to how it is used, and to what ends. So, if you have been keeping your eye on any models in particular, here are a few features you would do well to ensure that they have.

Custom-Made to Be Mounted

Wherever portability is a concern, it is best to source a generator that can be easily mounted to trailers or vehicles. Better yet, some generators can come with a custom trailer fixed to it already so that it can be easily transported to and from wherever it is needed.

Can Use External Fuel Tanks

External fuel tanks on generators are often needed by those who plan on running them consistently. These external tanks allow far more fuel to be used on the device than would otherwise come standard, and also allows it to be topped up with greater ease.

Silent Operation

In many cases where generators are used around people, such as in restaurants or shopping malls, they need to be able to operate silently so as not to create a disturbance to their surroundings. While in general, generators make quite a noise during their use, with the right choice they don’t really have to.

Synchronise with Eskom

Wherever a facility’s productivity is threatened by downtime caused by mains failures, sourcing the right type of generator will allow their operators to synchronise them with Eskom’s power grid to ensure uninterrupted, relatively clean power.

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