Rand-Air continues to deliver uncompromised service to the mining industry

For the last 41 years, Rand-Air has been servicing the mining industry with portable compressed air and power generation rentals. The company is renowned within the industry for providing long-term rental solutions and over the years has supplied a number of mines with equipment for their emergency shutdowns. Rand-Air is constantly striving to deliver exceptional service which is echoed through their ethos of exceeding customer service.

It has been noticeable that, over the past 10 years, the industry has become increasingly safety, energy and cost conscious. Rand-Air is keeping up with these demands with advancements in technology and is committed to providing well maintained and safe equipment that runs at optimum. It is especially important for shutdowns to maintain efficiency and standards as this has a direct impact on productivity.

Rand-Air’s long-term rental solutions and expertise within the industry allow mines to outsource the responsibility associated with the supply of air and power. This results in an increase of productivity and enhanced cash flow as it eliminates costs associated with equipment, service, maintenance, cost of technicians, insurance, fluctuating interest rates etc.

The company has an extensive fleet of over 700 Atlas Copco compressors and generators spread across ten branches and agencies in South Africa. This is complimented by their inherent ability to go the extra mile in servicing their customers. This has earned Rand-Air the reputation for being the market leader in portable compressed air and power generation rental.

Rand-Air invests heavily in training and upskilling in business-related and product-specific matters and are therefore fully equipped to accommodate all customer needs. For the mining industry, there is a critical need for an uninterrupted supply of power and clean compressed air. Focused on perfecting their lineup of product offerings to meet diverse mining requirements, Rand-Air provides tailor-made solutions and packages.

Since its inception in 1973, the company has achieved some major industry milestones. Amongst other milestones: a solid recovery from the economic recessions in 1990 and 2009, Rand-Air’s acquisition by the Atlas Copco Group in 1999, the successful implementation of underground compressor rental, the company’s success in servicing refinery and industrial shutdowns, in the provision of oil-free and specialised air, and its growth in specialised markets such as oil and gas.

Rand-Air expects to operate in new markets, with new applications in the future. As the market becomes more sophisticated, they will supply more technologically-advanced equipment, and will focus – as always – on continuously improving resources, processes and products. The key resource they will also focus on, going forward, will be the same one they have always prioritised – their valued staff.

The dedicated focus on customer service, the ability to balance customer requirements with appropriate fleet utilisation and continuous efforts to improve cost containment, as well as an ongoing emphasis on technology and staff development have all been key in building Rand-Air’s reputation.

It is a challenge to continuously invest in the renewal of fleets in a market which is price-conscious. However, growing as they have done over the past four decades from a small business to being part of a far larger global one, and still retaining the ‘Rand-Air team business values and ethos has served the company well in the past, and the company is confident that it will continue to do so for the next 40 years and beyond.

On the energy side of things, Rand-Air foresees a continuation of the current limitations of power supply in South Africa and thus increased demands on effective energy and electricity utilisation. Mines need to consider all components in the energy chain. Rand-Air offers the right solutions as they boast a fleet of diesel and electric compressors that are energy efficient.

Rand-Air is committed to instantly and effectively respond to customer needs and are constantly working to obtain their overall goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction through uncompromising service levels.

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