The significance of ongoing staff training in our industry

Ongoing staff training not only benefits your employees, but also benefits your business as it ensures operations run effectively. Many businesses believe that initial training for new staff is all that is required and that continuous training is unnecessary, however, this thought process can negatively impact a business.

Training is the secret to business longevity as it ensures your staff remain engaged, informed and safeguards their growth as well as the growth of the business. “At Rand-Air, we put great emphasis on consistent staff training as we believe this is ensures our business maintains a constant level of growth across all areas of our daily operations,” explains Louwrens Erasmus, General Manager of Rand-Air, market leaders in portable compressed air and power generation rental.

The staff of a business are its key drivers in moving them forward. Due to this, it is important that businesses ensure they are regularly training and informing their staff on new developments that have taken place in the business. “Businesses are continuously growing and evolving due to advancements in technology. Our business operations have changed frequently over the past few years but we have ensured that regular training sessions are implemented so that each member of staff acquires the skills required to work effectively,” explains Erasmus.

Regular training sessions also affords businesses with the opportunity to determine areas of weakness and pinpoint skill gaps. “Training sessions assist management in identifying areas that can be improved within their workforce. This will ensure that there is less opportunity for errors to arise in future,” adds Erasmus.

Health and safety training in the workplace is the most important form of training an organisation can offer its employees as it mitigates the risk of injury. “Rand-Air believes in creating a healthy, safe working environment for our employees. In April this year we hosted a safety day in which we did health and safety testing, as well as training sessions aimed at teaching our staff how to deal with stress in the workplace and stress management,” explains Erasmus.

Training presents prime opportunities for employees to expand their knowledge and develop their skill sets. “We have witnessed incredible growth at Rand-Air and we believe this is thanks to the training programs we have implemented as we believe this allows us to work more effectively and as a result, deliver better customer service to our clients,” concludes Erasmus.

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