Rand-Air Family Wellness Day ensures a healthier and health-wise workforce

Employees are a company’s biggest assets, so ensuring that they obtain and maintain optimal health and wellness is critical. Just as companies invest substantial amounts of capital in the research and development of new products and systems, the investment in human capital likewise affords a measurable return on investment.

Rand-Air, is driven to improve the lifestyle of each of its employees and engenders a common goal of striving for the highest quality levels of wellness. “One way in which we are able to communicate the importance of following a healthy routine is through our annual Family Wellness Day,” says Louwrens Erasmus, General Manager of Rand-Air. 

The fourth Rand-Air Family Wellness Day, which was hosted in collaboration with Reality Wellness, took place at the end of 2012 at the Italian Club in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. “We invited all our employees and their family members to join us for a day of fun events, coupled with educational talks. The Family Wellness Days are well attended and we receive extremely positive feedback about the format and content of these events,” adds Louwrens.

Louwrens continues that this initiative was implemented to motivate, develop and educate Rand-Air’s employees and their families. The day included an obstacle course, and a talk by a recovering drug addict about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol, the reasons for drug and alcohol abuse as well as the communication between parents and regarding children these issues.

In addition to the programmed proceedings, voluntary health tests were available for adults and children over the age of 12. “Reality Wellness had qualified medical staff at hand providing Vitamin B injections and administering tests for glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure and HIV screening,” says Louwrens.

The impact and efficacy of Rand-Air’s HIV/AIDS awareness programme is underlined by the recent award to Atlas Copco South Africa of a “special award in recognition of its consistent work to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS among employees” by the Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Program (SWHAP).

According to Louwrens, Rand-Air undertakes regular in-house HIV and health training. “However, the Family Wellness Day provides further impetus by giving employees the chance to involve their families in the wellness process. It also creates a fun environment to focus on the importance of health awareness in prolonging and sustaining life.

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