Rand-Air offers customer-centricity and quality to the growing oil and gas industry

Customer-centric service and high-quality equipment underpin Rand-Air’s approach to sustainable business. In line with demand from customers in the oil and gas sector, the company is gearing up to extend its existing service offering to this burgeoning industry.

“Oil and gas has three segments – upstream, midstream and downstream. Rand-Air is already actively supplying a number of its Atlas Copco products to the midstream and downstream markets. We have recently seen a growing awareness of applications whereby we supply oil-free compressors, together with nitrogen kits, to customers in the expanding downstream market,” says Byrone Thorne, Marketing Manager for Rand-Air. 

“We believe that this is a result of the awareness drive by Rand-Air, in both South Africa and Africa, regarding the benefits of using our products. We successfully supplied this product combination for a mining application in Madagascar, and our team identified and pursued an opportunity in South Africa. By being open to the needs of customers, we are able to customise solutions that increase their productivity and decrease their downtime,” adds Kim Coetzee, Sales Manager at Rand-Air.

The latest proactive initiative by Rand-Air is the gearing up to supply product to the upstream offshore market. “Rand-Air is in the process of opening Atlas Copco Rental in Angola. One of our key employees – Ceu Moreira – has been tasked with setting up the facility and identifying the right people to work in this operation,” says Kim. 

It is critical to supply only rig-safe, Zone 2 machines to the offshore market. “As one moves closer to the drilling area, stringent safety measures are required. We have been very involved in our research of this very specialised and exacting market to ensure we provide the right products where and when they are needed,” Byrone continues. 

Rand-Air is a pivotal part of the Atlas Copco organisation, whereby specialisation is the order of the day. “Atlas Copco Rental, operating under the auspices of Rand-Air, will provide a valuable complementary service to Atlas Copco Rental in the United Kingdom (UK). The UK rental division has specialised in the oil and gas industry for many years and we will be able to leverage their knowledge and experience in the field,” says Kim.

The benefit of providing a product base and service backup from southern Africa, is that Atlas Copco Rental in Angola will be able to alleviate any logistical problems and delivery lead times associated with sourcing the product from the UK, as was previously the case.

Kim says that safety adherence and the provision of knowledgeable people are critical prerequisites for supplying product to the oil and gas industry. “Our employees are all undertaking compulsory offshore training to enable them to work on the rigs. In addition, the team is also currently undergoing an extensive training and upskilling familiarisation process with regard to the specific functions and applications of each specialised product.”

A number of high-end products have been identified for their suitability in the oil and gas industry. These include the Atlas Copco steam boiler, the nitrogen generator, Atlas Copco Zone 2 machines, rig-safe machines and the dedicated offshore TwinAir compressor.

“We will be able to provide appropriately selected equipment, with an excellent track record, for the very specialised oil and gas applications. Advantages that we bring to the party are our customer-centric service approach, our consistent adherence to sustainability, and Atlas Copco’s new technology, which is characterised by reliability and superior backup service. This is very much in line with what our parent company, Atlas Copco is doing on a global scale,” Byrone concludes.

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