‘Rigging’ great compressor solutions for DCD Marine Cape Town’s oil and gas repair projects

Rand-Air is focused on delivering an effective, round-the-clock service to its customers, as well as industry-critical equipment to help keep the ‘wheels of industry turning’. As part of the global Atlas Copco group, Rand-Air also proudly supplies equipment which carries international standards accreditation. 

While Rand-Air services a wide range of industries, the oil and gas sector is a strong focus area.  The company has completed a number of successful hires this year for DCD Marine Cape Town, a provider of turnkey ship repair solutions to the marine and oil and gas sectors and part of the DCD Marine Cluster.

Rand-Air is proud to have provided critical compressed air so that two of the DCD Marine Cape Town’s major repair projects were kept ‘up and running’ in 2014. These projects were for international clients and based at the Port of Cape Town’s A-Berth, and at Saldanha.

“Rand-Air was pleased to be able to step in when DCD Marine Cape Town required mission-critical equipment. We supplied a range of different compressors and generators which were necessary for the continuity of work processes,” says Cindy Ross, Sales Consultant at Rand-Air. Cindy notes that a 1 000 cfm compressor, used on board one of the rigs, was operational ‘24/7’ from December 2013 until the end of June 2014.  The cooler was used to reduce moisture in the air on board the rig.

“Rand-Air’s generators were used to power the various pieces of equipment on board the rigs and our compressors were used in the pumping, blasting and painting operations on both sites,” Cindy explains.

Rand-Air has been involved in intensive research of the upstream oil and gas industry to ensure that the company supplies the appropriate product to point of need. In keeping with its dedicated safety ethos, the company has ensured that it is compliant with the stringent regulations for off-shore repair services and that it supplies only rig-safe machines to its customers.

Rand-Air is also a long-time member of the South African Oil and Gas Alliance (SAOGA).

For DCD Marine Cape Town, a provider of turnkey ship repair solutions to the marine and oil and gas sectors, safety and quality are critical factors in retaining its status as a world-class service provider.  The company adheres to the most stringent international standards when it comes to servicing its largely international client base. The choice of suppliers and sub-contractors is therefore of utmost importance in ensuring the successful completion of a project.

“Rand-Air has provided us with great service, and their technicians are always available on request. Their delivery is on time, and we were impressed by their customer service, and the quality and reliability of the products was impeccable,” comments Garry Bunce, Project Manager at DCD Marine Cape Town.

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