Oil-free Compressors in the Petrochemical and Chemical Sector

The petrochemical and chemical industry in South Africa is of substantial economic significance to the country, and therefore it is important that petrochemical companies ensure proactive maintenance and the use of good quality equipment for sustainability and productivity. One of the keys to a successful refinery operation lies in the outsourcing of equipment from a company that has a thorough understanding of the distinct needs of the petrochemical and refinery industries.

“Appointing an esteemed company with a good reputation to supply rental equipment on petrochemical sites is strongly recommended,” explains Kim Coetzee, Sales Manager at Rand-Air, a leader in compressor and generator hire in Southern Africa. “Outsourcing rental equipment enables the petrochemical site to focus on their core business.”

In the petrochemical and refinery industry where compressed air is critical, hiring an oil-free compressor ensures clean, reliable and cost effective air supply at all times. Rand-Air was involved in some major petrochemical refinery shutdowns last year. “Formulating effective solutions determines the success of a project and therefore it is important to create innovative solutions. Petrochemical industries depend on the expert advice offered to them by their service provider which is why it is essential to choose a company that has highly qualified and trained professionals.”

Minimising downtime and maximising production is crucial in the refinery industry. Using an oil-free compressor assists with this by ensuring that there is no risk of contamination, less pressure drops due to build-up and guaranteed air supply.

“Using an oil-free compressor offers far more advantages in comparison to oil injected compressors. The use of oil injected compressors is risky in this industry and refineries should not be losing out on production time due to poor quality performance from their equipment,” concludes Coetzee.

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