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For energy-efficient and safe high-quality on-site N2 supply

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Advanced Technology

Looking for an efficient, safe, and high-quality onsite nitrogen supply?

Our innovative range of nitrogen generators sets new standards in energy efficiency and autonomy for a steady nitrogen supply of industrial quality, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Onsite vs Liquid or Bottled Gas.

Nitrogen Membrane Generators

  • Max. inlet pressure: up to 25 bar (350 psig)
  • N² outlet pressure up to 23 bar (325 psig)
  • N² purity range: up to 99.5%
  • N² flow range: up to 4850 Nm³/hr (3000 SCFM)
  • Optimal flexibility delivered ready to use

Reduce costs

Atlas Copco’s NGM and NGM+ nitrogen generators come with minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Generating your own nitrogen means no more processing, refills and delivery costs

Nitrogen always available

NGM and NGM+ systems are continuously available. Eliminate the risk of a production breakdown due to running out of gas

95% to 99% Purity

The NGM and NGM+ generators offer 95% to 99% nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements

Optimal Control

The NGM and NGM+’s electronic monitoring panels decrease downtime, save energy, reduce maintenance requirements and increase production

Generate your own nitrogen on-site

Why buy nitrogen when you can generate your own? Atlas Copco’s NGM and NGM+ provide a cost-effective, reliable, and secure supply of nitrogen. The nitrogen generators’ working principle is based on membrane air separation. The NGM series delivers flows from 5 to 500 Nm3/h and purities from 95% to 99%. Ideal for applications such as: - fire prevention - tire inflation - oil & gas - marine - packaging

Ready to use

  • Requires only a supply of dry compressed air.
  • No specialist installation or commissioning.
  • Fitted with pre-filtration, pressure gauges, and flow meter to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times.

Cost Savings

  • Low operating expenses
  • No additional costs such as order processing, refills and delivery charges.
  • Limited maintenance costs.

Exceptional Convenience

  • Continuous availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • Risk of production breakdown due to gas running out is eliminated.

Desired Purity

  • Nitrogen supply according to your need: from 5% to 0.1% oxygen content.
  • Very easy to set up the device for other purity levels.


  • Fully integrated package.
  • Filters and oxygen sensor as standard.

High Flow Capacity

  • Ideal for applications such as fire prevention, tire inflation, oil & gas, marine, packaging and many more

Long Lifetime

  • No aging.
  • No heater.
  • Lasting performance.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Food and Beverage (Storage and Packaging) 
  • Aquaculture
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Electronics
  • Laser Cutting & Metal Heat Treatment
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Cable and Optical Fibre Industries.
  • Chemical Applications
  • Glass Industries
  • Fire Prevention

NGMs: efficiency in low flow nitrogen generation

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